About CBC Inc. and CE

Constitutional Business Consulting Inc. (CBC) is a consulting service for assisting businesses to understand and implement Constitutional Enterprise in their organizations.

So, what is Constitutional Enterprise?

Compare the economic systems of free societies to those of socialistic or communistic societies. Then imagine capturing the crucial features that make free societies successful and applying that knowledge to improve our businesses. Constitutional Enterprise (CE) is a way to apply the lessons of these larger societies to the societies within our businesses.

CE is patterned after the model originally established in the United States by its 1787 Constitution. An essential part of this model is the free market—the free enterprise system—hence the name Constitutional Enterprise.

Constitutional Enterprise is also the name of six newsletters that were the original publications of Constitutional Business Consulting Inc. The Web version of these Newsletters are still a good source of information about CE.

To find out more about CE try browsing through the Topical Index or the Frequently Asked Questions.

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